Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas concert and play.....

We've had a crazy, busy schedule these last few weeks....Saige had her first band concert last week and this week she played the toy clown for her school play "The Christmas Doll". She was also the back end of the Chinese dragon!! The day before her concert at her first basketball practice of the season, she jammed her finger something fierce! We thought she had broken it...but, being the trooper she is took the bandages off and played her little heart out! She is doing so well in band...she loves playing the flute and is looking forward to starting piano lessons again in January. Basketball will keep us busy until February and then life may slow down just a bit!

She loved getting attention for this wound!!
Playing her flute....she's so cute!

Fuzzy picture of Saige on stage....that rhymed!

She had the cutest legs!!

Posing for a good picture!

What a face!!!


The BirdHouse said...

WHOA!!! Sorry, I had to recover from my heart attack (you finally posted)!!! hahaha Looks like you guys got alot going on!!! I love Saige's new cute haircut. Too bad she had to cover it up with that rainbow clown wig! haha What grade is she is, because we don't have band in elementary school here dangit!

Nancy Booth said...

Way to go, Saigie. I hope she keeps up those music lessons and sports too. I love her Christmas color autographs on her boo boo bandage. BTW, while I'm sort of semi-bedridden I watch a lot of Lucy and I think of you all everytime.