Thursday, November 27, 2008


We had an awesome turkey day with good friends!!! Joel outdid himself with the was sooooo moist and delicious! I bought a turkey roaster this year, and I'm tellin's totally worth it! I had a lot of fun preparing for the dinner....I love to set the table and use our good china and all the rest of the fun stuff that comes with entertaining. It was a wonderful day filled with fun, good conversation and friends....perfect!

The adult table....I found amber colored chargers at a store here...I love how they look against the china.
Close up look.

This was the "tween table" They got real dishes too!

The "little kids" table....they got paper goods....but at least it was all Thanksgiving paper goods!

I made the little chocolate pilgram hats....aren't they cute? I think the kids liked them!

The hat looks a little lost on the big plate!!

My cute Joel with his turkey....this was the best turkey ever...and I'm not just saying that!

Soooooooooooo yummy!

The dessert buffet....I had little cards for each of the desserts that each family brought...this was taken before most of the desserts got here.....probably about 10,000 calories on this buffet!

Chocolate Pecan Spice Pie....from the Gleasons.

My first attempt at a pumpkin pecan turned out pretty well...even though these German ovens are whack!!

Fudge...curtesy of the Raybons....Every time Joel got up....he grabbed one!

The "tweeners".....they are soooo cute!

Being silly.

B-man and Ashlee....very cute.

Toree and Zoie....enjoying their turkey....or maybe the pilgram hats???

Our smallest guest....we just love this little kid!!

And finally the day was capped off with rock band....I wish I would have taken some pics of the men was too funny!

They made some good music!

What a fun day....We are thankful for having such good friends makes it easier to be so far away from home and loved ones.
Happy Thanksgiving.


The BirdHouse said...

Well, $itch, you outdid yourself once again!!! I hope y'all were happy with you pilgram hats, juicy turkey and cute little turkey name holders while we were over here eating turkey foldovers!!! I sure can't wait for the day when we can actually all be together for a holiday! Happy Thanksgiving! We sure so love you guys!

Jado said...

Oh my heck girl! Sooooo awesome :) I miss home!!! Saige's hair is way cute.

Nancy Booth said...

I want to come to your house on Thanksgiving next year. I can't wait to see the Christmas dinner layout. Once again, you are good, girl. Jade missed it too, huh. I'm sorry Jade. Hope yours was good too. Joel's turkey does look scrumpious. Is that a word?

Tara said...

Kayla! I finally just figured out how to get a message to you. I told Jade to tell you I lurk on your blog. I so enjoy lurking on your blog, too! Oh my goodness, what a life! I have to live through you! I can't believe your cute house and all you decorating and all your traveling! I'm so so glad y'all are happy. I'm sorry we don't really keep in touch but I do think of you. I always try to see the girls when they come (if anyone actually lets us know they're here.:-( ) But I just saw Jade. You have to be so proud of that one. She is the most positive teen I have ever met. And I loved her boyfriend. He's all gangly like Dalty. I told them to get married and you'll be glad to know they scoffed at me and said they were too young. :-) Anyway, it warms my heart that you're so happy and I'm jealous that you're in Germany antique shopping! Tell Saige she was so cute and that we are total Lucy fans, too. You and Joel better get in the spirit next year, missy. Write me back sometime. If I were more computer literate I'd send some pics of the kids but it is what it is. :-) Love ya!