Monday, June 2, 2008

Senior Prom......

And so the day begins.....Jade couldn't spend the whole day getting pampered for her prom because of another scholarship luncheon (lucky me!) but, it was a very fun afternoon! Here are a few pictures of the transformation!

There are so many reasons why we love Joel but finding out that he is an expert toe nail painter has become one of our top reasons!! Jade and I are horrible at this stuff and it's amazing how good he really is! And, isn't it incredibly sweet of him???? He'll be horrified that I put this up (not really) but, I couldn't resist...we LOVE him soooooo much.

Jade asked our ward fashionista to do her hair and makeup for prom and she did an awesome job. Jade looked beautiful.

Cinderella waiting for her prince charming!!

The back shot! Nice bow, eh? The mormon dress sites' favorite accessory!

He arrives!! The flower adorning ceremony!

They are so cute!

One of my favorite pictures.

Their favorite picture and pose! Don't ask me why!!

They are off to the prom.......

With Jade driving...ha ha!! Her prince doesn't have his license yet!!!

And finally, their fairy tale evening came to a close...with an especially sweet ending...they won Prom King and Queen. Could it get any better??


The BirdHouse said...

Oh my goodness!! I love this post on so many levels!!! First off...a WELL??? You guys have a real live, honest-to-goodness water well??? Are you serious! How cool!! Second... I am dying that Joel is painting Jades toenails. That is hilarious, yet quite charming. I didn't know he had it in him. BTW, tell him I love his watch. Any idea where I can get one of those? And lastly...Jade!?!?!?! She is gorgeous. And prom Queen!!!???? Can it get any more sickening than that!! hahaha That is sooooo cool!!! That is too funny that she drove though! haha I totally want to be her!

Nancy Booth said...

I could have told you she would be prom queen. Everything is on her side. What a beautiful queen at that and a handsome prince. Joel does toenail painting???? Is he perfect or what? I hate to keep saying this but that music goes with everything you post. I love it. The pictures are great. Is that a real well?

kayla said...

I know, can you believe it??? A honest-to-goodness working well!!!
Everybody always freaks out about it when they see it! It is ABSOLUTELY charming that Joel does that...and I'm dead dog serious when I say he's good at it! He is so cute! Check at K-mart for the watch...I think it was a blug light special!!!!!
Love you guys!

kayla said...

That was supposed to say "blue light special" But, blug works too!

Valerie said...

You looked gorgeous Jade!! What a fun night for you. I LOVE your dress!! And congrats on prom queen. That is so cool!