Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Boys Arrive......Finally!

Our summer with the boys is going really well....we've really enjoyed having fun together and Joel is really loving that the boys out-number the girls for a change!

You can almost see Kyle's eyes in this pic....and WOW they are a gorgeous blue color!

Kyle trying to scare Brannon as he came down the stairs.

Jade coming down the stairs....prepared for the picture....Japanese style!

Kyle and Jade playing on the trampoline.

Nice shot of Brannon being can almost see his eyes!!

Kyle and Jade playing with the camera....aren't Kyle's eyes beautiful????

A picture of my honey....he is sooooo cute

Kyle jumping out of a picture, eh?

This is totally posed!!

Monkey Kyle!
Brannon let us mess with his awesome hair, first we "fro'd" it out and then Jade thought it would look good in a pony tail....and she was RIGHT! All of us loved seeing his face!

It took a while!!! Brannon has more hair than all of us combined!

LOVE the sideburns!! Very cute.


Valerie said...

Terrence didn't recognize Brannon with his hair pulled back. He thought he was Jade's boyfriend. He is such a dork. (Terrence I mean!)

Cute pictures though. Kyle is such a cute kid.

The BirdHouse said...

My boys are all grown up. I can really see Joel in Brannons face. I wouldn't know about Kyle since we can't see his face!! haha Thanks so much for posting these pictures!! Gove the boys our love!

Nancy Booth said...

Yes, please gove the boys our love. These are really good pictures and thanks Brannon for letting us see your face. It's beautiful. Next, how about putting Kyle's up in a ponytail so we can see those beautiful blue eyes, OK? Looks like ya'll are having a good time. I'm sitting in this hard chair at the computer just to see these pictures.