Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Okay, so be aware...this is a HUGE picture post! We took so many pictures of Jade's was nearly impossible to pick which ones to put on this post!
I'm not sure where to begin! My sweet Jade is now a bona fide adult! How is that even possible? It just seems like yesterday that my sister was screaming in my foggy post surgery state that I had a baby girl with Daddy's dimples!! What a blessing this baby girl has been in my life. Words cannot express how proud of her I am...I could never have guessed that Heavenly Father would have thought for one second that I was capable of raising such an outstanding human being! She has been blessed with so many gifts and talents and she just continues to develop them with her hard work and determination. She decided in 7th grade that she wanted to be the Valedictorian of her graduating class...from that day forward she has pushed herself beyond belief to reach that goal. And she did it! I know that the next chapter in her life is ready to happen...and I KNOW she is ready to take it on...I just don't know how I'm going to handle not seeing her bright and positive face every day! The phone lines better be strong, because they will be used to the extreme from Germany to Utah! Here are the pictures from her awesome graduation day.

Jade standing next to her school mascot...the BARON!

Jade getting in trouble for being too close to the mascot and almost tipping it over!!!!

Jade and her Uncle Quinton...that medal represents YEARS and YEARS of late night studying and just hard core determination!

Yeah baby!!! "I'm done"!

Nana and Papa came all the way from New Mexico to see their first grandchild graduate from High School.

Saige and her "Sissy"....she loves her so much and looks up to her...what a great example she has been.

Jade, Saige and Uncle "twin twin"!! Quinton flew in from San Diego!

Nana and Jade.

My dad being a goof ball! He is so cute!

Proud Papa and his "hita"!

Chris looking for Jade....always!

Jade and her AP calculus teacher! This class nearly killed her!

Jade and her "interesting" friend!! We actually love this kid! He's a riot.

The Principal and Guidance Counselor! I'm sure she is happy that Jade won't be bugging her about her class standing every day!

Valedictorian and Salutatorian.....they both gave awesome speeches.

And finally.......Jade's Japanese pose and her silly boyfriend Chris!
So, I know this post is braggy!! But, parents are allowed to be a little bit braggy once in a while....right?? Good luck my little Jado....we will miss you so much.


The Germain Family said...

Congrat's to Jade. She sure is beautiful. We are still in Japan for another 2 years can you believe that. It is hard to see everyone leave don't know how some of these long term people do it here. I am so stir crazy right now with everyone leaving.

Kayla your girls are beautiful and you have a romantic husband! Jealous!!!

The BirdHouse said...

FINALLY!!!! An update...and a good one at that! I am so proud of Jade. She is an amazing girl. You did a great job raising her. I don't know how you did it but I sure hope you took notes.
Kayla, your mom and dad are so cute. I know you enjoyed their visit.

Nancy Booth said...

I love these beautiful pictures. Your mom and dad are so cute and your bro is even cuter. Jade is beautiful and so is Saige. I know that was probably the happiest day of Jade's young life so far. You are going to really miss her. Better get that Skipe(?) up and a camera on it. You'll need it. Congratulations Jade. And of course that love song went right with the pictures. I love it. It goes with everything you post. Keep it up.

Margaret said...

You have all the bragging rights in the world! You have two beautiful daughters and a wonderful husband. And a great supporting family.

Wow! Thats starting to sound very similar to my bragging rights. JK

I love the pictures! We will miss Jade too. She has been such an outstanding spiritual leader in Young Womens. All the girls look up to her. She is officially now in Relief society too! What a Women!


JRome said...

Congrats Jade! Wow, the only medal I ever got was the one I found at the thrift store!! Keep it up!

Josh & Tiffany Roundy said...

Congrats to Jade- Good Luck with your future

Love the Roundy's