Sunday, May 4, 2008

Some more pictures of the house for Kelly!!!

Okay, here are some picture of our "infamous" cave room!! We tried to get a shot of the entrance so you can get an idea of how the room is shaped. We recently bought the hounds tooth chairs, an homage to Bear Bryant....well, not really, but Joel likes to think so!!! I've been in love with hounds tooth for as long as I can remember and was totally excited to get these chairs. The room is still a work in progress, but we've dubbed it our "family" room and like to sit in front of the fireplace.

I bought these cubes to put on the wall and Joel nearly had a conniption fit trying to drill into these walls, they are seriously thicker than thick. So this was the alternative.

The Bear Bryant chairs!!!!!

This kitchen desperately needed some TLC, the landlord gave me permission to paint the cabinets because they are going to demo the kitchen when they retire and move back into the house. So, this room became the "makeover" project. I wish I would have taken some "before" pictures, because it's amazing what a little paint can do!

I like roosters, but I've tried to curb my "collection obsession" ways and just have a few here and there. I bought the rooster toile fabric on E-bay and prayed that it would match! It did. The view from the window is probably the best part of this room!

This kitchen is tiny! It's my "one butt" kitchen....I'm not sure why the Germans don't believe in big sinks, ours is the size of a camp trailer sink, but we can deal with it for three years!

The vinyl signs that are so hot right now are way too expensive so I tried to make my own. I just bought the canvas and painted it and then slightly unsuccessfully applied the word!! Crooked is good sometimes, right?!!!


Nancy Booth said...

What about Nancy. I enjoy them too. I love them. Joel was right about the small kitchen. I can't believe the little sink. No diswasher, huh? I love these pictures.

The BirdHouse said...

Mom's right about the sink but HOLY MOLEY girl... I LOVE the decor. I can't believe you made that sign. Looking at these pics makes me want to redo my whole house. It's funny how alike our tastes are..1st the "B" collection and also I have my utensils in a "flour" tin like you do in your "tea" tin. I love the sign, i love the chairs, I loe the "family" on the fireplace, I love all the cute little nic knacs (sp). You rock, Martha. Post some more of other rooms!