Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saige's Spring Chorus Concert

Here are some shots from Saige's concert. The shots on the stage didn't turn out at all, this was the best one we had. The kids sang songs all about freedom and were asked to wear red, white or blue. We also took the pic by her school sign as this is her last year at the elementary school. 5th grade is WAY too early to start middle school, but we can't do anything about that one! She loves to sing just like her big sister!


The BirdHouse said...

What a cutie pie! She is the sweetest little thing! I didn't know she sang too. Between the girls and Brannon and Kyle, y'all could have the next partridge family and make some serious cash!

Nancy Booth said...

Saige has really grown. Is there anything Jade can't do? And Saige seems to be following in her tracks. Brannon is doing good in music and art and Kyle on the skateboard, talented kids. I'm proud of them. Oh yes, I love your new Booth Bunch thingie at the beginning of your blog. Don't know what you call it.