Monday, March 24, 2008

Peep Jousting 101

Okay, pick your warrior peep, Saige said you must look into its eyes...then insert his joust (toothpick) them for battle on the plate. Next, place them in the microwave and the peep that is left without a joust impalement of another player is the winner! Joel even wins at this silly game, what is up with that? And, Kelly...I'm with you...peeps actually do taste like sugar coated waste! So, this was a good alternative to eating them!


Nancy Booth said...

OK. I think I dig now. Next Easter we'll have to get some sugar coated poop and play this game.

JRome said...

Congrats on your baby!!

Josh & Tiffany Roundy said...

Yeah!!! That is so exciting that you guys are pregnant too!!! I think we are only like two days apart. Pretty cool. Where are you guys I can't remember? It is so good to hear from you. I am glad you found us. I love staying in touch through blogs. It is so much fun. We will have to keep in touch now.