Thursday, March 13, 2008

First Blog!

Okay, I'm finally getting around to setting this blog up! I love looking at all the blogs of my friends and family and thought it was about time to start ours! We have very wonderful and exciting news! A new little addition to our family is on the way! We feel so blessed. Between Joel, Saige and myself, I don't think the baby will ever be out of someone's arms!! I will be about 5 months pregnant at Jade's graduation...I'm sure she will just LOVE that! There are many changes happening to our family and more to come, but we are looking foward to all of it.

Sad little update, we unfortuanetly lost our sweet baby at 11 weeks, it's been hard for us..but we know that God loves us and hopefully there will be a "new additon" to our family in the future.


The BirdHouse said...

Hooray!!!!! It's finally up and running!!! Let's keep those cards and letters coming shall we???

Nancy Booth said...

This is great. Now I have 2 blogs to check out. Keep it up. I hope that baby gets better looking as time goes by. haha

Nancy Booth said...

Kayla, I swear you are the most talented person with putting on parties, etc. Other things too. Joel really had better thank the good Lord for you. I love all these pictures. I think, tho, I get to see Brannon but actually I don't think I ever see his face in these photos. Keep up this. I love it.