Sunday, March 16, 2008

Guitar Heroes from last summer.

Father and son jam out!

Joel being Joel...silly!

Kyle displaying his best "rock and roll" stare down!

Some serious music playing now!

David Lee Roth has nothing on this rocker.

They were plugged in! The louder the better!


Davis Family said...

Holy Macaroni Kayla, What a way to find out your expecting. Joel got back and I'm guessing you got busy.I am so excited for you, I don't know what else to say, I am totally shocked and please for you. It was great to see your photos and the bits I got to see of your home it looks beautiful. I am totally adding you to my friends list on my blog. If you want to check ours out its
love you Shelagh

The BirdHouse said...

Kyle is in that "I'm not gonna smile for the camera" phase, I see. His dad went through the same phase!! It looks like JoJo and Brannon had a blast with their guitars but I bet you still have a headache from the noise! p.s. There's those darn clocks again!

kayla said... do you add the friends list! I'm clueless! I love your's so fancy!
How are you guys doing? It is totally crazy that we are having another child!! But, we are so excited! Talk to you soon,

Nancy Booth said...

Does Brannon have a face?