Friday, May 11, 2012

Random Spring!

Howdy!  Life is good and crazy in the Booth home these days!  I have all kinds of random pictures, so I thought I would just jumble them all up and do a mega blog post!  The weather is finally getting nice and toasty and you KNOW that means pool time!  We are going to have a blast this summer using our pool!  So for your viewing pleasure and in no order here is our life lately!

My friend Valerie sent Bodie this awesome Japanese backpack a few weeks ago.  He ADORES it!  He keeps all of his treasures in it and when needed, a step stool!!  He is soooo cute and getting to be a pre-schooler....WHAT?  How the heck did that happen?  Thanks Valerie, you are the BOMB!

 Saige participated in track this spring and had an awesome time.  She ran in a couple of relays and did the shot put and discus.  She enjoys being on the school teams and boy does it keep her mama busy!  But, I'm happy to do it.....I'm really proud of my number two girl!
 So, we finally have doors on our entire house.....haha!  The one that I wanted the most was our pantry door for obvious reasons....even though Bodie isn't a big eater, he did love making messes for me in that is now equipped with a child proof doorknob and handy dandy chalk board paint!  I love it!  This message is for Kyle not Bodie....ha ha ha ha!!!
 We've also finished some little projects that have been on my to-do list now for ummmmm, years???  The pine armoire....ahhhh, good times!  It's still not done, but at least I finally bit the bullet and painted the darn thing....I wanted a weathered grey look, but it's not there yet, mostly because we used left over paint from our house and tried to mix darker paint and it just ended being the same color as the walls....what the what? plan is to get some custom paint done and have it be as dark as our sectional....I think it will look great, but who knows when I will get around to it!  But, looking at this picture....I really, really need some contrast...ha!
 We hosted dinner group a couple of weeks ago and this is the table for the springy!  Found the flowers at the grocery store!  Love them!
 Still trying to find a tablecloth for our square table that is a bit longer, but this one did the trick!
 Sporting the cute shirt that Nana bought him!  So cute and so true....Bodie sure does love his daddy!
 POOL TIME!  WHOO-HOOOOOOO!  Can I just say how excited we are?????  We love the water in this house....Bodie loves to be the king on TOP of the water, but that is cool....I worry less!  I have us signed up for swimming lessons in June....I hope he likes them!
 He loves ordering Saige around!  She doesn't mind!
 He also loves to steal all of her things!!!  SHE does mind a little about this....ha ha! 
 My Sunday Pictures Pic!!!!  Yeah, HAD TO HAVE these shoes, wore them for 20 minutes before church, took pictures of gorgeous shoes, took off said shoes before church...apparently I can only wear them in the future for a 15 minute date with Joel!!  OUCH!  But still stinking cute....ha ha!
 Oh, KNOW you love Sunday Pics!!
 Saige's spring concert....the only shot!  ALL the pictures of Saige playing turned out dark....OYE!  I'm going to set up a little photo shoot of her playing her flute!
 OH Joel, you KNOW you love taking pictures with your wife!!!
 Joel spent a few days in Vegas for work and brought a little friend home for Bodie!  He's been obsessed with the Toy Story movies for about a month now and his Mama is too tight to pay the outrageous prices for these toys and suggested that we wait for his birthday which is next month, but daddy had other plans!!  I wished so bad that we got his reaction on tape when he saw Buzz sitting on the couch when he got up from his was priceless!  He said..."what's this?"  and couldn't believe that the real Buzz Lightyear was sitting on his couch!  He didn't put it down for the rest of the night and was very upset that Daddy didn't let him take him to bed!  But, he made a little bed for him on his chair and all was right with the world again!  He is such a joy to watch...I don't know if it's our age, but we are just so mushy over him!  Everything he does we just swoon over and his brother and sister think he's pretty great too!  We noticed that after watching the movies over and over that he was starting to show us that he had a laser on his arm just like Buzz and would point to his "chocolate chip"  aka the little mole on his arm and try to laser us to death!!! Pretty stinking funny and something I want to remember forever.  I treasure this time in our lives....raising teenagers and a toddler at the same time is sometimes challenging, but wow, I am so grateful for my wonderful life. 

Good Times!


Nancy Booth said...

I just knew there was nothing new but had to look and woo hoo, new posts. I really love your posts, Kayla. Love the pictures and your comments. I also love the little mans hat collection. He always has a hat on and it always matches his outfits. I know y'all will enjoy that pool this summer. Sorry you can't enjoy your shoes. Thanks for posting.

Nancy Booth said...

He loves that doll, huh? He is soooooo cute. Whole family is. Thank you, Kayla for coming into my son and his boy's lives. Happy Mothers Day. Tom and I love you so much. And your girls.

kayla said...

Awe, thanks Nancy! Happy Mother's Day to you too! I'm very thankful that I have you guys....couldn't ask for better in-laws and I really mean that....thanks for having baby number 3!!!!! I sure do love him! Love you both!

The BirdHouse said...

Oh my gosh!! How did I miss this post??? Kayla, you're looking so good. Um...since those shoes hurt so bad, send them to me!!! LOVE em!!!

Jade said...

Ok, those pictures of Saige and Bodie in the pool are HILARIOUS! I laughed for a while.

Anonymous said...

I'm so late getting on here. Before I realize it, the day is gone. I love the pics; keep 'em coming. The kids (and you and Joel, too of course) are so beautiful. I can't believe the Saigee "baby" is 14. And be prepared, if a Hollywood agent sees Kyle anywhere - He's GONE! What a good-looking handsome young man. Then there's Bodie - what can I possibly say to describe him
I love each of you very much. Besos y abrazos a mi "gringuito" Joel. You all light up my life!!! - Nana