Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day 2012!

We had such a nice mother's day weekend!  The weather was absolutely beautiful and we are enjoying the pool so much!  With gas prices being so high, I believe this is going to be our entertainment for the summer....and I'm totally okay with that!  Joel has the pool looking crystal clear and he actually seems to enjoy keeping up with all the maintenance....whoo-hoo for that!

 Bodie doing what he does best.....spitting!  Ha ha....seriously trying to break him of this little habit...ugh!
 We bought some more chairs for chilling....Bodie is a fan!
 He is such a hoot!
 I seriously need to figure out this new format...all my pictures come up in random order now and that bugs....but, I guess for now, we'll go with it!  Bodie wasn't having any of Sunday pics, little stinker!  Oh well, I guess I'll take what I can get....nice pic of Buzz...don't ya think?
 Picking through the grass was much more entertaining!
 Ahhhh, a flower for Buzz...he's so sweet!
 The hunny and I.  Love him...he was super sweet all day!
 Very cute picture!
 Kyle is one handsome dude!
 Keeping it real with Bodie...ha ha ha!  He is a mess!  But, I wanted to include a picture of all my kiddos!  I really am a blessed mom...Kyle and Saige gave me some sweet, heartfelt cards and they both made my day with their thoughtfulness.  Joel is always good at spoiling me and Jade sent me a sweet letter and pamper money!  I have to say that I am one lucky Mama.  I love all my kiddos...I'm lucky to have them and I hope with all my heart that they know how much I love them.  There is nothing better than being a parent! 


Anonymous said...

Great pics. I'm afraid y'all are going to be in trouble when that Buzz doll gets old. Bodie is so cute with it. Thanks for posting. Loving you all.

Nancy Booth said...

PS, your handsome pool boy does a remarkable job with your pool.

The BirdHouse said...

I'm so glad you had such a wonderful "birthday", Kayla!!! LOVE your outfit! Hooray for Kyle posing for the camera, now that Bodie isn't!!! haha LOVE the pool. Makes me wish we had one!! cough cough

Jade said...

So I may or may not want that skirt back that saige in wearing! LOL. JK. LOVE the pool!