Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sunday Pictures......

Wow, another week has drifted away and we have some lovely Sunday pictures AGAIN! I need to come up with some other blog post ideas....ha ha!

Bodie with his favorite chewing toy! (one of my hot sticks that I've had since high school...ha)
He's almost managed to destroy every last one of them....naughty little guy!
My little girl growing up.....ARGH! What am I going to do when I don't have a cute little girl to dress up anymore????? I super duper love her outfit! I keep telling her that I make a good stylist, but she doesn't always agree...ha ha!

Daddy and Bodie Boof....love these boys!

A little smooch......

They are even color coordinated!! My little family puts up with a lot!!

Another smooch.....I sure do love my honey!

A tisket, a tasket a cute boy with a pink basket! I thought my basket of handouts for my young women went well with his outfit...don't you agree?

And well folks....this is the best picture we got with the said 15 year old boy...he wasn't a happy camper this fine Sunday morning, so we took what we could get.....I told him he better be happy next week or I'm totally going to make him take solo pictures!

Here is a little video of Bodie rocking out with the piano! I have another one I'll post later, blogger was taking too long to post both....he's such a crack up! Bodie is also rockin some great bed head hair...hee hee!


Nancy Booth said...

I love, love, love that song by Bodie. In one part on the piano it sounded like it blended with his voice. He's definately going to be a musician, singer or both. The pictures are great and Saige is growing right up and beautiful. Love her outfit too and the way you color coordinate. Even Joel looks good with his pink basket. haha The 15 yr. old boy reminds me of someone close to him. No smile. We have a family picture of his dad looking the same way as he wasn't happy either. Tell him to shape up, we need good pictures of that handsome dude.

The BirdHouse said...

I love Sunday pics but we really could use daily posts as well!! I know...I know..I'm the pot calling the kettle black!!! You do a great job dressing Saige...I"d love for you to be my stylist!!! Love Bodie's mohawk!! Everyone looks great~ even 'ol sourpuss!