Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sunday Pictures and a Little Valentine Love!

Hey there! We got a few Sunday pictures this week, we are sadly missing a certain 15 year-old boy. ( who ever said that GIRLS take forever to get ready didn't live with a certain 15-year-old boy....ha ha) Kyle was still styling his hair and so, we'll have to make sure (force) to get him next week! We may even do a special "Kyle Sunday Picture Post" I'm sure he would just love that!
Anyway, here are some of the shots we got.....I could just die over Bodie's face in the first one!
Man, I love this little boy!

He is such a happy little thing.....until we take too many pictures!!

Still happy!

Getting a little bored with the camera!


Two happy girls!

I never really do much decorating for Valentines, but this year I got a little inspired to throw a few touches around the house. I love my dough table so much, it has become my "seasonal" area to decorate. I just put a few simple items together, nothing fancy...but, I love it! I got the topiary in an after-Christmas clearance section and I.LOVE.IT.SO.MUCH! I just cut the top off (Joel cut the top off...ha ha) and made it look more round on top and I totally have a topiary that doesn't scream Christmas at all. And you wouldn't believe how cheap I got it...SCORE!
Anyway, a little Valentine Vignette....it makes me happy!

Heart wreath from Tai Pan...I love that place.


More love!

And the pink marshmallows started it all!!! I saw these heart marshmallows at Target and basically got me thinking about how cute they would be in a glass jar....so, of course they came home with me and how stinking cute are they? The kids know they are just for decoration, which they don't really get at all....but, what can I say????

Joel doesn't get it either and every day a few are missing....ah well, hopefully we will still have some by February 14th!


The BirdHouse said...

YEA!!! A new post!!! I love your valentine stuff. I am such a slacker when it comes to decorationing for anything other than Christmas and halloween. I'm hoping to remember to do something nice for Tim and the kids on v'tine's day, but we'll have to wait and see!haha I love bodie's sweater!! Too cute!!! Saige is sooo beautiful! She's looking more grown up everytime you post a picture! I HATE IT!!! And Kayla..you are gorgeous girl!! I love that you're getting in on Sunday Pics too! I love the necklace too. Where did you get it?? I may need to get me one!!

Nancy Booth said...

Sure you decorated for Valentine. You just do that to make me feel bad that I don't even decorate for Christmas anymore, now don't you. You still got it girl and you ARE gorgeous, Kayla. Your family is such a good looking family, all of you even the certain 15 yr. old boy. I love how Bodie's smile gets smaller and smaller with each picture. Love this post.

Jado said...

HOLY THINNESS MOM! And your hair is AWESOME! That cut looks great on you! And BODIE!!! BLAH! Love that Kid. And saige is just beautiful and I LOVEEEEEe Hearts!