Monday, October 18, 2010

Saige's band SPECTACULAR and a little video of Bodie-LISH!

Saige made advanced band this year and she is having so much fun doing all the "grown up" activities that come with junior high! She was in the Hesperia City parade a few weeks ago and sadly we didn't get any clear pictures of that, but last week her school participated in a band extravaganza. We sat in the stands and enjoyed listening to all the middle schools and high schools in her school district. Her little band outfit is so cute and she is so stinking cute in it! We got a few good shots, but the far shots didn't come out that great, but you get the idea!

Saige and a band friend!
I can't get this picture to rotate.....ARGH! But, still a cutie pie!

Ah, my sweet Saige is growing up.

Hesperia Jr. High Marching Band

Bodie is starting to smile for the, I love his little squishy face!

Joel Booth Mini Me!

He has so much fun and everyone around us was paying attention to him and his shenanigans!

Our little baby boy LOVES, LOVES, LOVES music. He stops whatever he is doing when a good song comes on and has started dancing too! Now, I swear that in this video, Joel is doing nothing to move's all is OWN MOVES! And boy does he get his boogie on!!!! Right in the middle of him clapping he breaks out a little shimmy shake that is the cutest thing ever! He's gifted I tell you!


Nancy Booth said...

Oh my goodness!!! How much cuter can he get? Is cuter a word and is it spelled right? I can't believe how his clapping is right on beat and the sqiggle is precious. He looks so much older with his haircut. Saige looks great in her uniform too. She's a beautiful little girl all growing up. When I was in the band that uniform made me feel 10 feet tall. I'm glad she's doing band and she will get to go to a lot of things by being in it. Wish Kyle would get interested. He's a good drummer. Thank you for posting these. Now I've got to go look at them again and again.

Nancy Booth said...

I had to look at this again before I go to work. It's 6:17 am but I can see good enough to tell I love this post.

The BirdHouse said...

Oh my goodness!!! First~hooray for new posts!! Second~ Saigey looks so good in her uniform! I'm jealous...we didn't have band uniforms in jr high!! Thirdly~ Bodie's video is hilarious. It must be the Latin in him 'cause we all know Joel ain't got that kinda groove!!! haha

Anonymous said...

And the beat goes on!!! What a ham, he is so beautiful and talented and not even two. He really boogies and like Nance said, he's got rhythm, thanks Kelly, the Latin blood came through, tee hee. This kid is something else. You aren't proud or anything are you Joel? Love ya.

Anonymous said...

Saige, what a gorgeous little girl you are!!! You totally make the uniform! I'm proud of you sweetie. Nana is going to get you some Sil Austin and Kenny G numbers one of these days. If you like the sax, I think you will like these guys. Kyle, get in there and tear them up with your drumming -- you're good kiddo. Love, Nana