Monday, September 20, 2010

Bodie's first haircut......

Joel and I finally bit the bullet and took Bodie to get his first haircut was a little sad for us! We loved his little curly-Q's, was looking a bit hoo! He's not our little baby boy anymore....he's growing into those toddler years just a little too fast for our liking....but, we have to deal with it! I took a million pictures of the big event....he is such a hoot...he charmed both ladies that were working and they both said he did really well for his first time!

The "before" shot! His little baby fine hair.......

He didn't know what to think when we put him the chair....he liked the cape!

Still happy.....

"look at me Mom and Dad....I'm so stinking cute!"

What the heck?????? I don't like the clippers one little bit!

But, I'm not crying.....just squirmy and making the stylist earn her money!

Ummmmm, can we get this over with????


And now, I'm going to give you a crusty look just to let you know that I'm not happy about this....but, I do like the squirt bottle a little bit!

Hmmmmm, this isn't so fact, I like it...especially since she moved me so that I can see myself in the mirror...I'm digging this!


Looking sharp!

Oh man!!!!!! Those dang clippers again (she saved the worst for last...and whew that was smart, because he was really, really over it!)

DADDY!!!!!! Why are you doing this to me????

I'll never forgive you for this!!

Two seconds later.......and we have a brand new boy!

And he's happy once again! This was before church this morning....looking like a big boy.
Not sure I can deal with him growing up....I just want to squeeze him and smooch him all day!


The BirdHouse said...

OH MY GOOOOOOOSH!!!!! This post is hilarious!! What happened to baby Bodie?!?!?! He looks so different with his little haircut!! He's got the cutest little face!!! I hate that he had sucha traumatizing breaks my heart!!!!

Nancy Booth said...

Now I'm wondering why you did this to him too, daddy. He looks so old!!!! That haircut took his baby look away. I loved the post! It was sooo funny. He is the cutest little thing even if I don't recognize him anymore. Thanks for posting. Love ya'll.

Anonymous said...

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