Saturday, June 12, 2010

Little Bodie Monkey......

We have a climber on our hands! Bodie isn't happy unless he's climbing on something. He takes no notice at how sturdy the piece is...he's got tunnel vision! I don't even know if buying more gates is worth it, he'll climb up those too! He's such a mess....why didn't I have one of these when I was 20? Ha ha!

His new little walker toy....yeah, he tries to climb this too!

I just love his serious faces! I just want to smooch his little face off!

This toy is just TOO boring....let me see if I can climb it somehow!

Ah-ha! Perfect for making Mommy's heart skip a beat picturing a concussion or fat lip!

Yes, that's better.....SIT DOWN BODIE!!!

A couple of I didn't see first hand....which is a good thing...I'm such a nervous Nellie!


The BirdHouse said...

I swear I want to hold him and snuggle soooo badly!! He is so cute!!! I was dying laughing with the first video but he came super close to a tragedy instead of a comedy! It looks like he is right on the verge of walking too! I can't wait...then your life is REALLY over, sista!!!

Nancy Booth said...

What a cute post. Your life IS ruined you know but he is such a cutie pie it doesn't matter. He IS a climber, huh? I love the way he stayed down when he fell on the video. Keep posting. We love it.

Jade said...

mmmm....I miss this baby!