Friday, June 25, 2010

Bodie's First Birthday......

Bodie is now 1....WOW, this year has just flown by.....I can't stand it! I just love planning parties and I couldn't wait to give Bodie is first Birthday was a blast putting it all together and everything turned out great! I saw a milk and cookies party for a baby shower a year ago and have been thinking about it since! I think it worked perfectly for a little boy's first birthday! We can't say enough how much we love this little guy....he has brought so much joy and happiness into our home. I love seeing him grow and do new things every single day and even though I would love it if time just slowed a little, I don't take any days for granted! His one year appointment is on the 28th and I'll get his stats then, but he's hitting all his milestones and then some and of course we think he is the smartest baby there is! Here are his pictures......

The cookie station.....the red flowers were a last minute addition!

Tim....I love these are sooooo good!

I bought two of these tubs for a saaaweeet deal (of course) and I super love them. I totally didn't get a picture of all the little milk bottles that I made to give as favors in the tub of was cute though!

The cookie favors with left over bags from Jade's wedding!!

I got 20 of these brown and white polka dot balloons...I love how they look!

I love these paper flowers....they just look so dang cute! And I loved how the whole table looked.

It took us forever to figure out where to put this happy birthday was huge!

Love his cake....we got it at a place called Bodacious cute is that? I took them a picture and they re-created it perfectly!

The drink station....I'm sooooo ticked that I didn't get a picture with the vintage milk bottle...oh well.

We decorated his high chair!

He loved opening his presents!

A sit and spin...whoo-hoo!

Some cool glasses from a cool guest!!

He kept eyeing this super cute little girl....he's already a flirt!

He didn't want to have anything to do with this hat....ha ha!

Attempting to get it on his head!

He's about to have a cow....ha ha...we gave up!

He wasn't sure what to do at first....but as soon as that first handful of cake went in...he had a blast!

Is he the cutest boy ever???

We think so!

The chocolate cake matches his eyes!

A little shot of his party favors...

I thought they turned out great!

1% milk for his 1st Birthday!

Well, that's it for the pics....of course I forgot to take a bunch of shots....but, overall I just loved throwing him this party!


The BirdHouse said...

I cannot believe how adorable everything is. Everything turned out so perfectly. I think you need to send some pictures into a couple of the party blogs site to see if you get featured. Oh yeah....Bodie is adorable too!!

Nancy said...

What a little cutie pie and chocolated up. Kayla you are so talented. I really think you should go in the party business. Everything is perfect. Looks like you've planned for this a whole year. Tim needs to help you with the business to. Kelly has good ideas too but I can't think of anything cute.

Nancy said...

We want video pics too.

Jade said...

Mom...LOL...this is ridiculous in a good way. You should throw me a birthday party :)
I love the banner, cake, hat! stickers, balloons, and BODIES FACE! Holy crud that kid is ADORABLE.

Natalie said...

Great job!!!! I am sorry we couldn't make it-Fathers Day with the family. I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything you did! Way to go!! I SUPER love the banner!! Saw those online, and am going to tackle one for the kids birthday. So cute, great job!!