Saturday, July 18, 2009

1 month old pictures....

So, I'm still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that Bodie is 1 month old today! I'm going to be so sad if the time continues to fly by like this! We are enjoying this little baby boy so's just so amazing to see him change and do new things everyday. I stole this idea from another blog (Kelly you'll recognize this..ha ha) but, it's a good one and a way to make sure we remember what he's doing every month. We took about a million pictures with the sign and this was the best shot...he's a wiggly little worm!

What Bodie is doing this month....he's starting to smile and loves to be held. He hates having a dirty diaper and lets us know immediately when he needs to be changed! He started to sleep 5 hours at night and it's sooooo nice.....I hope that continues! He loves the bathtub and is so good during his bath.

whatta a face!

We finally got the pillows right so that he could stay upright....sorta!

He's still so little.....I LOVE it!

He's getting tummy time here....not sure if he likes it! But, I love his little face!

Daddy shot of the day.

He's soooooo OVER it....give me my lunch Mommy!

What a joy he is to have in our home, we are so blessed.


The BirdHouse said...

Look at that face!! He is such a little doll! I love these pictures...keep 'em comming!!! Nice pictures of JoJo too. How 'bout some of Kayla?

Nancy Booth said...

He is soooo cute. I just want to squeeze him. I love these pictures. Please keep them coming. I saw your baby shower pictures. Your friends really know how to give cute showers and you could tell it was a baby shower because of all the babies that were there. tee hee.

Scott, Valerie and Kendall Bug said...

Kayla, these are so sweet! It looks like you are having so much fun at home with Bodie, too cute!!!