Sunday, October 5, 2008

Soccer game....

Joel signed up to coach Saige's soccer team this year and so far, they've had a ball. Joel has even decided that it's a fun sport! The kids love Joel, of course! I finally remembered to bring the camera this last game and here they are for your viewing pleasure.

Coach Joel and Coach Chris heading to the field.
I actually did a pretty good job of getting some good action shots during the game.

Saige is a super fast runner...she loves to play mid-field, she gets to run all over the field.

I was naughty and made her turn around for this pic...Joel scolded me for distracting her during the game!! He's totally hard-core.

This is my favorite picture...I love her pony tail flying in the wind!

This was an exciting game....they tied, 4 to 4.

After the game.....they are both so cute.

I told Joel to show is teeth....this is what I got! I love my little family.


The BirdHouse said...

Does Joel know anything about soccer to be coaching it?? haha I love Saige's little red striped shirt under her uni. Also #8 is Tim favorite number!!! I sure wish we could be there cheering her on!

Nancy Booth said...

Is Saige's soccer team named "Alabama"? I can't see Joel being hard core like his dad. I'll bet he's great with the kids. I love Saige's uniform and ponytail. Bet it's fun watching those little girls play. Do they all know what they're doing? haha

JADO said...

Joel is so awesome!