Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fall Decorating.....

A cute picture of Saige to start off with...this is my favorite outfit for fall so far!! I had to talk her into wearing the boots...imagine that!

I LOVE Fall! It makes me so happy...I love how cozy our house feels in the fall...we love to snuggle on the couch and watch movies and have all kinds of "fall" meals! Joel made an awesome beef stew this weekend and it's almost time to kick off the hot chocolate traditon!
Anyway...here is a picture of our entryway...I made the harvest sign a few years ago and it's holding up well. The gourds have also been around for years and I still love using them.

The space above the piano is always challenging for me and I'm constantly changing it...I'm pretty happy with this year's arrangement...I put two canvases together..I painted the bigger one brown and then attached the smaller one with velcro...I really like how that turned out. I'll probably still tweak the stuff on the piano.

Not so happy with this arrangement...but it's okay for now. I love the pumpkin candle holders and I actually found the candles here. Germans have weird fall things...some of it works, but most of it just doesn't gel with what I already have...but, I'm always happy when I find something I can use.

I'm loving the vase full of twigs and orange cattails...and I made the pumpkin topiary like 8 years ago!! It's getting a little wobbly...but, again...I'll use it until it falls apart!

Love, love, love my buffet. The pumpkin soup toureen is so awesome...it hasn't actually been used yet...but, who am I kidding??? I got it for looks only! Ha Ha.

A close up look at the little goodies on the buffet. I got the glittered pumkins while in the states for a whopping 6 bucks!! I love shopping back home....but, I did get a little overwhelmed...there is soooo much to choose from!

The glass apothacary jars....always a good decorating idea!!

And now for the best thing I did this year....I got this picture thing a while back and it has never really looked right...Joel wasn't too happy about hanging it either!! But, with just a few dollars, I changed the look of it for fall. I love how it turned out. All it took was a little tape, scrapbook paper and a wooden fleur di lise!! Am I spelling that right???

Presto....change-o! Isn't it cute? I may leave it up all year!


The BirdHouse said...

OK Miss Crafty. What the heck?? First off...I love saige's outfit (those boots make my tummy hurt). She's the cutest little turkey. Second, I want to punch you. I love the decor. You did a fantastic job on everything. I was just telling Tim recently how overwhelming all of the fall decorations were. I already have a hard time keeping my house the way I like it and that if I started bringing fall decorations in, it would be too much for me to handle. Plus, it certainly doesn't feel like Fall here. I envy you guys wearing sweaters and drinking hot chocolate. UGH!

Nancy Booth said...

My goodness Kayla. Your house looks like the fall section of a craft store. When do you find the time to take all that down and put up Christmas decorations? I guess Joel helps a lot, huh? And you work too? It looks great there. We're at Kellys and you overwhelm her. She says she just can't keep up. She's dreading Christmas already. Saige is so cute boots and all. Even she looks fallish. I still have to say, you are so talented. Where do you store all this stuff anyway?

Margaret said...

Fall is my favorite season too! I love the way it sets that cozy mood and the Hot chocolate nights. I also love decorating for it. But since I will be gone for a year. I will miss not being home to decoarte. Your blog is the best. Love checking out your ideas and your family updates. You are so cool!!

The Obstinant Family said...

Okay seriously, you should have gone into decorating. Because you are absolutely Fabulous at it. Your home is very pretty and cozy. I'm Jelous!

Julie said...

my gosh!!! Your house is so fallified!!! (Is that a word?) You are so talented. Cant wait to see it tonight.


Jado said...

It looks fantastic!
AND OH MY HECK! You got Joel to hang up the flower thingy and it looks amazing what you did to it! AWWW I miss home!

Valerie said...

Wow! I love the changed flower picture! I need one of those! I have loved those harvest letters at your front door ever since I saw them last year! You really should teach us some tricks! Your house is beautiful!

Adventures in Petersonland said...

you are so great at decorating! i wish i had that as a talent as my place is pretty lame!
and yes, you guys were so missed on friday! it was fun to get together and laugh at how we were all dressed.
i told steve he should wear the mullet on monday with his blues (bc he has to wear his blues every monday now...ahhh) and see the reaction he gets from the people he works with! i doubt he'll do it as he's a wuss...hahaha