Monday, December 17, 2012

Latest Happenings.....

Wow!  The middle of December already?  Not sure how this year is almost just seems like yesterday that we were celebrating the New Year!  December has been a busy month, we've had lots of parties and activities....and we are on baby watch!!  Jade's due date was yesterday and she has been having contractions since, hopefully sometime this week, we will have that sweet little boy....can't wait to get up there and snuggle with both my babies!!

I have a mish-mash of pictures for this post....Christmas decorations, parties, etc!  I love this goes by way too fast....but, I am so thankful that I have a home, a family, and the gospel.  With all the pain and hurt in this world, I am thankful that my family has a safe haven...that we can be together and celebrate the birth of the Savior.  It is through him, that we will find peace and joy.

The Entryway.

 I finally decided to put away all my RED decorations this year and re-do some to better match my house!  I took some Santas from my collection and spray painted them white and I LOVED how they turned out!  I only did a few, in case I decide that I love red again someday...haha!  I love the greens and the pine cones...the whole house has a white, natural look and it feels really calm and peaceful.
 Natural trees and burlap banner.
 Simple Centerpiece.
 I found these little houses at the dollar store and painted them white to use in my apothecary jars and faux snow!!  Absolutely one of my favorite new things this year!
 I LOVE this little scene!
 Some Christmas dishes on the buffet.

 Mantle....greens, whites, and silver

 Used my white tree as our main tree this year!
 The hot chocolate station....this has been used a lot!!
 one of the little handouts I gave to the young women this month.
 Joel and I were invited to an ugly sweater/white elephant party this year and we had such a good time!  Joel is so fun because he always goes along with my goofy ideas....ha ha! 
 Which included wearing a woman's medium sweatshirt to the party...the tighter the better...haha!
 Biggest goof balls ever!

 We played some minute to win it games....and laughed a lot!!
 This picture was taken at Joel's Christmas was a pretty fun night...we didn't win anything, but oh well....dressing up was fun!!  Kind of hard to believe that this will be our last party with Joel in the military!  Looking forward to 2013 and the new opportunities that are coming our way!

 Bodie had a blast at the party....he got a stocking full of fun little presents and has been wearing this little Santa hat all weekend!  Love this kid so much!

I have more pictures to post....I hope I can get them up this week!  I hate getting so far behind!

Hope your December is family centered and more importantly CHRIST CENTERED!

Merry Christmas!


The BirdHouse said...

Wow!!! I didn't know there was a new post. Mom used to always let me know if something new was on the blog, but.......
Anyway!!! Love the decor. I am totally over all of my old decorations as well, but didn't realize I was until after all of the blood sweat and tears involved in putting them all out. They stayed. I lived with it. I will change them next year! I love the idea and look of painting the santas and the houses white, and LOVE them in the A.jars and cloches! I know y'all had kind of an odd Christmas this year, but glad it was merry none-the-less and can't wait to see pics of baby Reece! Love you guys!

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