Friday, November 2, 2012

WIlly Wonka....Halloween 2012!

Happy Halloween!
This year's theme was a blast putting together!  I've been planning and looking for several months now and I LOVE how our Willy Wonka Family Costume turned out!  I really am lucky that my family indulges me with my hair brained ideas! 

Charlie and Violet stole an Oompa Loompa!

 Veruca got her Oompa Loopma!

Willy and Veruca! sweet long suffering honey!

 My sweet family!  Doesn't Kyle look like a movie star now?
 Yes, I know Willy's eyes are shut, but Charlie and Veruca looked really great in this pic.....ha ha!
 Probably our last Halloween with this boy....booooo!  He's been a really good sport....not many teenage boys would go along with a family theme for Halloween!
 Those darn Oompa Loompas...they really are camera shy!
 Violet....been working on this piece of gum for 8 months....WOWY!
 All of us together at the church!  Love it!
 Veruca finally got her Oompa Loompa to cooperate! (well, kinda!)
 Bodie and his little friends!  Bodie was obsessed with the Buzz costume...he followed him around all night trying to push his buttons....ha ha!
 Joel slipped a little this year and came in second for the chili-cookoff....but, he's still our number one!  We got this awesome goody package!
 Whoo-hoooo...and the winner is......

The Willy Wonka Crew! (never mind that we were really the only family that dressed in theme this!)
So, another Halloween has come and gone....Bodie enjoyed trick or treating at the party and scored some pretty good candy!  It's so fun seeing him grow and develop!  He's decided that Halloween is a keeper holiday!

Until next year....muahhahahaha!!!!


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