Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Latest Happenings!

Summer is here!!  The kids have been home a week now and they are already going stir crazy!!  It's going to be a looooong summer.....but, that is good!  I would love for time to slow down....we are actually going to be quite busy this summer, so I have a feeling it's going to be over before I know it!  I am having fun getting all the party planning done for Bodie's birthday and can't wait to put it all together!  Otherwise, it's been a fairly lazy week and I'm lovin it....ha!  Here are a few pics from the last few weeks!

Joel and I had a fun day together on the last day of school....lots of shopping and eating!

 Sunday pics from a week ago.....
 I love having a reason to dress up!
 Bodie's contribution to Sunday Pics!  He loves this little spot....I'm sure you have noticed!  Such a stinker!
 Joel didn't check with me before putting on the pink tie...we clashed....ha ha!
 Luckily, the three of us don't clash too often....they are good kids!
 This was kind of funny...I found this on the camera...apparently Bodie thought I needed a little friend when I caught a little cat nap and Saige thought it was hilarious....not cool Saige!
 I had an early meeting at church and Joel actually took these Sunday pics....what a shocker!  And what the heck????  They are so cute and cooperative....why does that not usually happen when I'm home....hmmmmm!!!  Kyle being a goof ball....we really are lucky that these two get along so well....it's been a blessing.
 The goof starts to come out!!  He is his father's son!
 Bodie loves to take over daddy's computer!
 Saige turned 14 yesterday....a do what??????  SuPeR DuPeR LOVE this girl!!!!  We had a small little party for her after church and we even got a little surprise visit from Uncle Quinton!  It was awesome!  She got some fun little things...she was excited!
 Cowboy boots...this girl takes after her Mama!!!!  Love it!  Can't wait to find the perfect summer dresses to go with these little beauties!
 She got all her own beauty supplies...no more sharing...ha!  Her stuff is WAY better than mine!!
 Beach curls....ya baby!
 Me and my birthday girl!
 Yay for Uncle Quinton!!  Love him to death....I was so happy for his short little visit!
 So cute....hang loose baby!!
Looking forward to good times this summer with my little family....hopefully I'll keep up with blogging!  Ciao for now!


Scott, Valerie and Kendall Bug said...

Love the new pics. I had to take a double take at the cat nap pic, I totally thought it was Saige and had to reread what you wrote to confirm it was you. You are looking so AWESOME!!! Can't wait to see you all in a few weeks!!!

Anonymous said...

I did too. Looks just like Saige. I love the way everyone matches. If Tom walks out and we both have the same color on,he will go change. I love Kyles face showing now. Y'all all are so good looking. Glad the 14 yr old had a good birthday. Love this family.

Anonymous said...

I am not anonymous. I'm Nancy Booth

kayla said...

Hee hee Valerie! Thanks and I cant wait to see you guys too! I'm so glad it worked out! And Nancy I'm so glad it was you and not some anonymous stalker!!!!! Love you!

The BirdHouse said...

Whenever I want to go sneak a cookie or dip a bowl of ice cream, I'm gonna come back and look at these pictures to help keep me on track!!! Lookin' good, girl!! All of you are! Kyle is looking like a man now. Saige is gorgeous and Bodie bug is a cute little stinker!

Jade said...

No joke- thought the person napping on the chair was saige!!!