Monday, April 19, 2010

Bodie is ten months old!!

Wow, our little Bodie boy is 10 months old today! This year is just flying by and it's driving me crazy. I want this little guy to stay my tiny little baby just a wee bit longer!! He is a mess and a half!! He can get himself into ANYTHING he wants or sees and becomes very angry if we try to hinder him in any way! How dare us? ha ha. He's had a rough couple of days...two teeth are trying to break through and he's not a bit happy about it! Last night he cried for 2 hours...poor little bug....and poor us..ha ha! I could hardly keep my eyes open at church today! Even though the teething thing is kicking his butt, he's a happy boy most of the time. He has the cheesiest grin ever and we just adore him to no end! With his 1st birthday fast approaching, I think we want to savor every moment of his infant-hood! We are so lucky.

"Look Mom, the diaper box IS a great toy!

"Now, how do I get out of it?"


Nancy said...

Awwwww. He is sooooo cute. I can't believe he fits into that diaper box. Ya'll sure have a beautiful baby there. Just be glad he's getting teeth.

The BirdHouse said...

10 months already?? Good grief...time is speeding by. He's soooo cute. I can't wait to see pics in his little tuxedo!